2 Factor Authentication

2 Factor Authentication

2 Factor Authentication (2FA) is supported within Talkative at a user level.

To turn on/off/change the settings of 2FA, click on you profile name in the top right hand corner and select 'Profile'

From here, there is an option called two factor authentication. Clicking manage brings you into the 2FA settings of the talkative app.

Set Up an App

This option allows you to use authentication apps to control 2FA. you should see a screen similar to below. Please not some information has been covered for security reasons.

From this screen you can download and copy your recovery codes, scan the QR code (or manually enter) on the authenticator app and finally enter the 6-digit code for verification.

We also support FIDO authentication such as Yubi-key or biometrics for mobile. Clicking the 'Set up an authenticator' button takes us to this screen:

Similar to the first screen, we can view/download recovery codes and enter verification. 

Turning on 2FA prompts this login after entering a password: