Agent mobile - Android

Agent mobile - Android

In addition to Talkative's browser-based agent console for desktop use, the agent console can be used on Android mobile/tablet devices.

You can either use the browser or download the app.

Mobile App (recommended)

Please download the app from the Google store:





To use Talkative on an Android device, open up Chrome and login to your usual Talkative URL, e.g. 

We recommend you tick "remember me" when logging in.

On your device, be sure to accept notifications. We recommend that your Android settings are such that you will be able to hear notifications, to maximise the chance of being notified when an interaction comes to you.

Next, make sure you are set to "Available" on the queue page. At this point, you can now close your device or use other applications.

You will receive push notifications when:

• you receive a new interaction - note that you typically have a short time to pick up the interaction - when you receive an interaction, you need to be quick!

• you receive a new message

• you have been set to offline (typically because you didn't pick up the chat/video in time)

Depending on your organisation's set up, you may need to log in each morning.

To stop receiving notifications, go back to the web page and set yourself to "offline" or similar.