User Queue Status/Presence/Availability

When do agents need to go online? Why am I missing interactions?

Note: this article assumes your org is using Talkative routing. If you are using 3rd party routing (Mitel, SFDC Omnichannel, etc.), then user presence is governed by those applications rather than Talkative.

To receive interactions, agents will need to be in an Available state from their queue presence.

E.g. in Talkative:

On the console page, you must select Available status to be active in the queue.

E.g. in Salesforce:

Screenshot 2022-11-09 at 13.34.18

Agents will receive interactions when they are Available. This will only stop when:

- the queue is offline (because of business hours)

- the agent is at capacity (they are handling 1 video call, or perhaps 3/3 chats)

- the agent misses an interaction and the system sets them to Unavailable

- the agent manually changes their status to Unavailable or Offline

Default Behaviour

Closing down the tab/window will not automatically change the agent's status.

Agents should remember to turn themselves offline if they are unable to handle chats.

Optional Behaviour 

If your agents are forgetting to manually change their status to offline, Account Holders can change a setting in Settings -> General -> Company Configs

This setting will detect when an agent loses their connection (closes down Talkative or Salesforce tab). At this point, a 5 minute timer will start. After 5 minutes, if the connection is still lost, the agent's queue presence will be set to Offline.