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Application Permissions

Application Permissions

The Talkative Engage Platform has three user levels. Account Holder, Supervisor and Agent.

As a general rule, an account holder account would belong to the contract holder and any other member of staff involved in the deployment and upkeep of the chat system. Account Holder permissions can only be granted by Talkative Admin staff. If you require additional Account Holders for your organisation, please open a support ticket. Please note, for security purposes, we will require verification before we make any changes to account holder permissions.

Supervisor's have access to Analytics and can view interactions belonging to agents, however, unlike account holders, they cannot make any major changes to the company setup, including any integration with third party distributors (Salesforce, Mitel) or change any CRM integrations (Azure Service Bus).

Agent's have the least access to the system. This will be the permission you will use most. The agent permission allows users to login and receive incoming interactions. They also have some read access to Canned Messages and Tags for reference purposes.

Account holders can change permissions of agents and supervisors. If you need to change a permission of a user, please do this within your company control panel. For security reasons, our support team will not update account permissions, other than those of the account holder (after separate security checks).