Canned Messages

Canned Messages

Canned messages are used to quickly send frequently typed out messages, such as welcome messages and responses to commonly asked questions.

Using Canned Messages

Canned messages can be accessed by typing two ## characters into the message box in your chat console:

You can scroll through the list of messages, or type a letter of the label belonging to the message:

Once you have selected the appropriate canned message, simply press enter or tab on your keyboard, and it will be pasted into the input box:

Canned messages are configurable on a per-organisation basis. As an agent, you can see a list of all canned messages within the settings dropdown in the menu.

Creating Canned Messages

Supervisors and Account Holders can create canned messages.

Canned messages can be scoped to queues, such that only agents in those queues are able to use certain canned messages.

Canned messages may also include variables:

These variables are "translated" into text within the agent console. This allows you to create canned messages that are personalised for each interaction without having to create multiple canned messages. E.g. all of your agents will have a canned messages that introduces them with their first name.

Interaction Data canned messages allow you to include any data that is collected at the start of the interaction, e.g.:

- customer name

- item of interest

- basket contents

- anything else that is specified in the pre-chat form or scraped from the website into interaction data