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Cobrowse Feature Toggle

Cobrowse Feature Toggle

This feature is available for Talkative Account Holders. 

To customize the Cobrowse features available to your agents, start by entering Talkative and navigating to the left-side navigation bar.

Click Settings, then General. 

Once you have entered the Company Manager page, navigate to the Company Configs card, seen below in the top right corner. 

Click Manage Company Configs. 

Once you have entered the Edit Configuration page, navigate to the bottom of the screen. 

Here you’ll find the Cobrowse Configuration card, as seen below: 

To edit which features your agents have access to, simply click each dropdown menu and choose Enabled or Disabled, depending on your preferences. 

Click the blue Update button to apply your changes. 

Once completed, your Enabled features will appear within your Interaction Queue. Disabled features will no longer be visible. 

As a case in point, the example below shows two Interaction Queue pages. The first demonstrates a full feature list of Cobrowse capabilities, as demonstrated by the icons above the chat window on the right hand side. (The Pointer, Pinpoint, Pencil, etc.)

In the following example, the features have been disabled. Note the lack of Cobrowse icons in the same location.