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Cobrowse website requirements

Cobrowse website requirements

For cobrowsing to render accurately to agents, website assets (e.g. images, styles) must be publicly accessible.

For Public-Facing Websites

Public pages have all their assets publicly accessible, therefore no configuration is required for cobrowsing to work with public-facing websites.

For Websites Behind Authentication Walls

Applications behind login walls may not have all assets accessible.

These assets must be made publicly accessible in order to be rendered by the Talkative cobrowsing application.

Alternatively, if assets cannot be made publicly accessible, the Talkative Engage application must be whitelisted by your web servers.

Obfuscating Sensitive Elements

To limit the areas of the page agents can see while cobrowsing with the consumer, a CSS class can be added to HTML elements to instruct the Talkative solution to mask those areas.

To hide an area from the agent, add the abscondo CSS class to any appropriate HTML elements, for example:


Excluded elements will be rendered as black boxes consuming the same space on the page as the original element. Agents will see a black box instead of sensitive element.

The data entered by the consumer within these masked elements will not pass through the Talkative servers.