Customising iOS Agent Notifications

Customising iOS Agent Notifications

This feature is available to Talkative admin and supervisors. 

Before commencing, please ensure you’ve updated your iOS app and your iOS device to the latest versions. 

To customize agent notifications within your iOS app, start by logging into Talkative and navigating to the Settings tab on the left navigation bar. 

Select Queues from the dropdown menu. 

This will take you to the Manage Queues page. 

From here, either create a new queue, or select the pre-existing queue that applies to mobile agents. 

To choose your queue, select the light blue edit icon on the right hand side of the page, as seen below. 

Once you have chosen your queue, you’ll find yourself on the Edit Queue page. 

Navigate to the bottom right hand corner of the screen to locate the Queue Configs card, just beneath the Timeout Messages card: 

Select the Manage Queue Configs button, and you’ll land on the Edit Configuration page. 

Here you can edit the new customer notification settings for Talkative agents using an iOS app. 

Note: The standard notification alert will sound using the default iPhone alert. The ringing notification will last for thirty seconds. The ringing notification will only sound for new notifications - not response messages. 

Remember: Click the blue Update button to make sure your changes are saved!

Once updated, here is how the new notifications will appear on iOS devices, accompanied by the new ringing alert tone.