Data Capture Messages

Data Capture Messages

Data Capture Messages


Requirements - You must be running version 1.4.0 or higher of the Talkative scripts.

Data capture messages allow you to collect customer data during a chat session. 

Walkthrough Video

What Are Data Capture Messages?

A data capture message helps you collect key information about the customer. Instead of making the customer fill out a pre or post-chat survey, data capture messages allow customer data to be captured during the chat session itself, allowing for a more seamless and natural customer interaction.

Agents are able to select pre-configured messages that are sent to the customer to capture the following details:

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Telephone

When the customer replies, simply approve the response and the details will be saved to the system.

How Do I Send A Data Capture Message?

During a customer chat interaction, click the data capture icon and choose from the dropdown list.

This will automatically send a message to the customer.

Worked Example - Email Capture

Customer email addresses are often vital for CRM records. This example will show how to capture a customer's email.

First, select the 'email' option from the data capture dropdown menu.

This sends a message across to the customer. The customer then replies.

As an agent, you simply have to press the green tick icon, and the email address will automatically be saved! 

Since email addresses and telephone numbers are distinctive in character, the Talkative system will intelligently work out which part of the message represents the email/phone data, and filter out the rest.

What If The Customer Changes An Entry?

Customers sometimes can incorrectly type their details.

In this case, you may have already pressed the green button to save the details.

To solve this issue, press the amber refresh icon within the original data capture message.

This will allow you to re-approve the correct message from the selection of messages available. Simply click on the correct message, and the correct details will be saved.

What About Customer Names?

Unlike phone numbers and email addresses, names of customers need to be manually clicked on in order to save.

Select the 'name' data capture message as before, and wait for the customer's response. 

When the customer responds, first click on the words in the message that represent the customer's name.

Then press the green tick as normal to save the data.

Where Is The Customer Data Stored?

Customer data is stored under the 'interaction logs' tab within the Talkative console. Data can also be fed through into your CRM system via API.

How Do I Add More Data Capture Messages?

Currently, data capture messages cannot be edited. Please contact if you have any requests for changes to data capture messages.