Enhanced Timeout Messages

Enhanced Timeout Messages

This feature is available for Talkative Account Holders and Supervisors. 

To set your Timeout Messages for a given queue, first navigate to the left hand navigation bar within Talkative. 

Next, select the Settings drop down, followed by the Queue tab. 

Once you have arrived on the Manage Queues page, either create a new queue or select your chosen queue to edit. To do so, click the light blue Edit button on the right hand side of the screen. 

This will take you through to the Edit Queues page. From there, please navigate to the Timeout Messages card on the lower right hand side of the screen. 

Clicking the View Timeout Messages button will bring you to the Manage Timeout Messages page. 

Here you can choose to add a new Timeout Message, adjust the Timeout delay, select which Canned Message auto-populates for your advisor, and choose whether the Timeout Message also triggers the closing of an interaction. 

You can also choose whether you want to automatically tag ended interactions as complete, abandoned, etc. 

To add a new Timeout Message, navigate to the right hand card and select your chosen Timeout delay (in seconds) as well as the appropriate Canned Message. An example is shown below.

Remember: Click the blue Add Timeout Message button to update your settings. 

For customers who want to add a new Canned Message for use with the Timeout Messages feature, please visit the Canned Message support article

For customers who want to automatically end the interaction upon sending the Timeout Message, tick the ‘Ends interaction?’ checkbox. 

For customers who want to automate tagging, click the gray drop down to choose from a list of interaction tags upon the interaction’s end. 

However you configure your Timeout Messages, once saved, your new Timeout Messages will appear on the right hand side of the main Manage Timeout Messages screen.