Google Analytics Event Integration

Google Analytics Event Integration

Talkative Events

If you are a user of Google Analytics you can enable the Talkative Engage scripts to dispatch events from customer interactions, more information on this can be found in the Adding Scripts guide. As a result you will now be able to see Talkative Interaction events live in your Google Analytics.

Open Behaviour -> Events -> Pages in your Google Analytics Dashboard to see all the events that have been triggered on your website. The Talkative events can then be filtered by Category and Action. As an example, you can see the pages where webcall was started shown below:

You can also see the events flow from one to another to see how the customer experience develops and ends by using the Behaviour -> Events -> Events Flow view.

Google Tag Manager Integration

If you use GTM to add events to your GA you will need to add Talkative settings.

Creating a Trigger

  1. Go to triggers.
  2. Click New.
  3. Name the trigger TalkativeEvent.
  4. Select trigger type Custom Event.
  5. Fill in Trigger details:
    • Event name: talkativeEvent
    • Trigger fires on: All Custom Events
  6. Save.

Creating a Variable

  1. Go to variables.
  2. Click New under User-Defined Variables.
  3. Name the event TalkativeAction.
  4. Select variable type Data Layer Variable.
  5. Fill in variable details:
    • Data Layer Variable Name: talkativeAction
  6. Save.

Creating a Tag

  1. Go to tags.
  2. Click New.
  3. Name the tag TalkativeGA.
  4. Select tag type Universal Analytics.
  5. Fill in tag details:
    • Track Type: Event
    • Category: Talkative-Engage
    • Action: Click the building block icon on the right and select TalkativeAction from the selection
    • Google Analytics Settings: Select your GA Tracking ID. If this is not available from the dropdown menu, please enter the ID manually. Your GA Tracking ID can be found within GA Admin in the format UA-000000-2.
  6. Add Trigger TalkativeEvent.
  7. Save.