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Handling Single Page Applications (SPA)

How to handle URL rules within SPA with the Talkative widget rules.

Talkative's widget supports SPA websites.

However, you will need to use card-based URL rules, rather than the primary URL rules.

To recap, primary URL rules are used to control which widget containers fire on different URLs.

Card-based rules dictate when Cards will show up - where a Card is a component inside of a container.

Screenshot 2022-11-03 at 14.05.43

Primary URL rules are set here - but for SPAs, they will not work reliably.

Setting Card-Based URL Rules

Card-based URL rules are set within the visibility section of the Standby Phase

You can use a ruleset to have multiple rules trigger the standby card.

In this example, the Card will fire on every page, apart from URLs that contain /support