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How to Auto Start an Interaction when Chat Button is Pressed

This article will show how an account holder can set their chat button to start an interaction, reducing the amount of clicks needed


In the talkative platform, the default configuration for a chat widget is that a user will click the the widget open button at the bottom right of the page, then will be presented with with a menu to start the chat. This last step can be bypassed, if you want to reduce the amount of clicks that the user needs to perform to talk to an agent. 

How to Set the Chat Button to Start an Interaction

1. Open your Talkative Engage portal 

2. Click Chat Widgets from the left hand menu

3. Click on the widget version you would like to edit

4. Click "Edit" against the widget config you would like to update

5. Click "Standby Phase" from the left hand pane

6. Scroll down and toggle "Chat Button Settings"

7. Click the action type dropdown, select "Start an interaction"

8. A new dropdown menu will appear called "Target Queue". From the list, select what queue you want the button to send the user to.

9. When you are happy with the config, click save draft from the top of the page.