How To Customise The Chat Transcript Email

How To Customise The Chat Transcript Email

The chat transcript email can be customised to manage visuals, content and metadata labels. To access the chat transcript email customisation settings:

  1.  Ensure you are an admin user
  2. Navigate to Settings > Company Manager from the left hand pane
  3. Click Email Customisation
  4. You can now click 'Create an Email Customisation' to add an email customisation 

The Email Customisation Manager is split into 3 sections:

Metadata: This allows you to change the metadata labels from the email customisations

Visuals: This allows you to update and change the accent colour and the email logo

Content: This area allows you to change the subject, heading, customer label, text before & after messages, sender name, & the queue to apply the customisation to.

Once appropriate changes have been made, cancel, preview and create can be selected at the bottom of the page.