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How to Enable/Disable Header Feedback Buttons

This article will show how an account holder can enable or disable the header feedback buttons on the chat widget.


In the talkative platform, you are able to receive feedback from users of the chat widget. This is most commonly collected at the end of an interaction. The Talkative chat widget is also able to collect feedback when the user is in a queue, talking with your agents or when they are talking to a chatbot. 

How to Enable/Disable the Header Feedback Icons

1. Open your Talkative Engage portal 

2. Click Chat Widgets from the left hand menu

3. Click on the widget version you would like to edit

4. Click "Edit" against the widget config you would like to update

5. Click "Feedback" from the left hand pane

6. On this page there are three settings that can be toggled on and off.
    - Enable header feedback (while queueing)
    - Enable header feedback (with chatbot)
    - Enable header feedback (with user)   

Enable and disable these toggles as needed

7. When you are happy with the config, click save draft from the top of the page.