How to Establish a Facebook Integration in Talkative and Link It to a Queue

Setting up an integration with your Facebook page.

To create a Facebook integration, make sure you are logged in to Facebook with admin or owner privileges for the respective Facebook page.

Within the Talkative platform, navigate to the following steps:

1. Select Settings > General 

2. Manage Services

3. Click on "Add Service"

4. Choose "Facebook" (You will be prompted to log in to Facebook and accept the terms)

After completing these steps, Talkative will be successfully linked to your Facebook page.

The final step is to connect this integration to a specific queue. Follow these instructions in the Talkative platform:

1. General

2. Manage Messaging Service Queue Connections

3. Add Messaging Service

4. Select Facebook

5. Here, you can select the queue you want to link to the Facebook integration. Click submit once chosen.