My chat widget is not appearing

My chat widget is not appearing

There are some common reasons for the chat widget to not appear on your website. Use the list below to check all the common reasons. If this does not resolve your issue, please contact support with the location you are deployment the script, the name of the queue you are targetting, a copy of the script you have deployed, and how you are deploying it (directly, via GTM etc).

Company is offline If your company is set to offline, your chat scripts will not appear. The setting for this can be found in your Company Manager, located in the Settings submenu.

Click "Edit" and toggle the Company Status to set your company to online.
Out of Business Hours Each queue is bound to business hours. If you are outside business hours, your queue widget will not load.

Your business hours can be configured by locating the Business Hours menu item located in the Settings submenu.

Please note, every company has a time zone set, please check that the time zone is set correctly too.

If you have multiple business hour settings, you may need to visit the queue page to check to see which business hours are assigned to the queue you are trying to access.
No Agents Available Depending upon your configuration, if there are no agents available, the chat widget will not appear. This could be due to all agents being offline, or already at capacity (depending upon your distributor). If you are a standalone customer, you can view your Supervisor Dashboard to see the current status of all users, including their current work capacity and load.
Queue Cap Hit Twilio and Mitel distributors have the option to set up a queue cap. This cap will prevent the queue from growing larger than the specified amount. When hit, this will force the chat widget to hide until the queue numbers reduce. This limit can be configured in your Distributor Configuration page. Twilio customer can disable this limit entirely, where Mitel customers can simply set a large queue limit which is unlikely to be hit, for example 9999.
Incorrect Session State During development and testing, it is likely that you may start and stop several sessions and potentially change queue and company UUIDs to different development, staging and production values. Sometimes, a remnant of previous sessions can be left behind which causes the customer scripts to enter an unknown session state. Try loading your website in a new incognito/private browser session or by clearing all session data and cookies. It is generally best to do this from within your developer console.
Invalid Configuration Data ECSv1 is configured by passing attributes to the talkative engage element on your website page. If these values are improperly formatted or incorrect, it can cause your script to fail. Please check your developer console for errors or contact support for assistance in making these changes.