Outbound SMS

This article explains how to use outbound SMS within Talkative

All Talkative customers can now utilize outbound SMS interactions

This feature can be used for a variety of use cases, including:

  • Follow-up messages for ongoing customer issues
  • Feedback requests
  • Order status updates
  • Appointment reminders

To Enable outbound SMS in the console you will need to go to:
Settings > General > Manage Company Configs

Once in Manage Company configs you can enable outbound SMS under Agent Experience > Outbound SMS > click drop down and select Enabled

This will now allow you to send outbound SMS which you can do via the Outbound SMS option on the left-hand console menu.  From here you will need to enter:

  •  Phone number to text - This will be the customer you wish to send SMS too
  • Number to send from - This is a drop-down menu so if you have more than one company number you can select the number that is relevant to this particular SMS
  • Message to Send - The copy you wish to send can be entered here