Page Push [Deprecated]

Page Push [Deprecated]

7th Jan 2021 Update: Page push is no longer supported with new chat widgets (V2 customer scripts).  Page Push will work with legacy scripts (V1). Page Push may be re-introduced in V2 at a later date.

Page Push allows agents to redirect the agent to a specific page on the website. This used in conjunction with Customer View or Cobrowse can be a very useful tool to get your customers to the correct place on your website.

Using Page Push

During any interaction with a website visitor (chat, voice, video, cobrowse), press the Page Push URL button:

Next, copy in a URL you would like to push to the website visitor.

Press send to send an offer to the customer. When they have accepted, you will see that the page has been pushed.

You can verify the page has changed by viewing Customer View or Customer Journey information.

User Permissions

The first page that is pushed requires user consent.

Once the website visitor has pressed 'okay', they will not be asked again, this consent is saved for future pages to be pushed.


Why Is The URL Displayed In Red?

If the URL shows in red, this means the URL has not been added to the Whitelist of approved URLs.

What If I Can't Page Push At All?

Page Push will not be available to use in an interaction until at least one URL has been added to the whitelist.