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SMS 2FA within chat widget

Validate your users before starting a Talkative interaction with SMS MFA (2FA)

You can require users to enter a 2FA code before starting an interaction.

The 2FA code is sent via SMS to the phone number the user inputs into the pre-interaction flow.

To set this up, please use the following import script structure. Use the widget UUID that you get from the chat widget editor page (more info on that here)

2FA code entry for website visitor

Revised code snippet:

window.talkativeCustomConfig = {};
window.companyUuid = '*********************';
    import(' https://talkative-cdn.com/static-assets/talkative-sms-validation.js').then((x) => {
      import(`https://**.engage.app/api/ecs/v1/loader/**********************.js?path=${encodeURIComponent(window.location.origin+window.location.pathname)}&selectedVersion=${(new URLSearchParams(window.location.search)).get('ecsSelectedVersion') || ''}`)

Line 1 should include your company UUID, which you can find in Settings > General, e.g.:

Line 4 should include the URL you find in Chat Widgets > Script Snippet

Please contact Talkative with further information on SMS configuration, in particular if you want to change the SMS number the notification is sent from.