Talkative video chat chrome extension

How to add video chat and screenshare to an existing call, email or chat interaction

Talkative's Chrome Extension allows you to add in video chat to a non-Talkative interaction, typically a phone call or potentially an email or 3rd party messaging system.


Chrome Extension Listing


Prerequisites to use the Chrome Extension:

1. Add the extension to Chrome:

2. Sign up for a Talkative account (if you have not done so already) and login to Talkative.

3. Create a chat widget.

4. Under General -> Company Configs -> Channel Management -> Meeting Rooms, select your widget and queue, and enable SMS if you want to. You're now ready.


To use the Chrome Extension:

1. Click on the Chrome Extension (and login if you have not already).

2. Click New Meeting Room.


3. Invite the customer. Either;

i) copy/paste the link and send it to your customer over email/messaging. OR;

ii) enter their phone number and the system will send them an SMS

4. Click the "join room" button, which will open in another tab.

5. When the customer clicks the link, they'll join the meeting room.