Talkative's Native Chatbot Builder

Outlining how the Talkative chatbot builder will work and why you should use it

In late Q4 of 2023, Talkative will be releasing the Beta of its in-house chatbot solution.

The solution will allow organizations to build up chatbot flows within the Talkative application itself (please note UI is subject to change)

What problem does it solve?

While Talkative has offered chatbot solutions (via integration into Google Dialogflow and others) for years, these solutions have drawbacks:

1. They are relatively complex to use, which can be fine for advanced chatbot flows, but can be limiting for basic "decision-tree" chatbots

2. Understanding conversation flows visually isn't easy or intuitive if your role is to maintain/extend an existing chatbot

3. They require a separate login and interface to the core Talkative application

4. It requires you to share data with a third-party e.g. Google

What does it do?

Talkative therefore has focused on a few key design principles when building its chatbot builder:

1. Ease of set up - this new chatbot builder is set up with two clicks within the Talkative interface. No third party tools, no new logins, no data sharing.

2. Ease of building - great emphasis has been placed on having an intuitive, visual UI for building chatbot flows. Whereas tools like Dialogflow require a "technical mindset", this tool can be used by anyone. Features such as flow highlights and chatbot preview make it easy to build out your chatbot in a few minutes.

3. Ease of maintenance - you can easily search for key phrases, report on usage, manage versions, copy/paste elements, and much more. So if you need to collaborate on building chatbots with your colleagues, they don't need to spend hours understanding how the chatbot has been built.

Any drawbacks?

As with any trade-off between ease-of-use and functionality, there are some drawbacks to using the Talkative in-house chatbot builder. In its initial release, it will not support:

1. NLP-based intent recognition (useful if you want to build a chatbot that can interpret any number of user inputs, rather than relying on training data), and;

2. Custom "Fulfilment" i.e. integrations into 3rd party CRM systems to do lookups/queries such as "where is my order?".

Both of these aspects may be included in the platform at a later date, based on customer demand.

Who is it designed for?

The solution is best suited for more straightforward chatbot flows, for example collecting some customer information before handing off to a live agent.

Initial trial users include:

• financial services organisations

• local government

• B2B software companies

If you require a more NLP-driven solution, we recommend using the various integration options such as Dialogflow.

When is it ready?

The Beta release will be in late November 2023. At this point, trial customers will use the platform, with a view to be Generally Available in Q1 2024 after UX enhancements and any minor bugfixes have been delivered.


What about the other chatbot integrations?

At Talkative we want to give our customers choice. While we expect this solution to be the default choice for new customers on the platform, we will continue to build and support integrations into 3rd party chatbot platforms such as Dialogflow and Salesforce Einstein. 


How much will it cost?

Talkative's chatbot builder will initially be included in all subscription packages.

How do I use it?

For access to the Beta release, please contact Talkative.