Teams Integration

Teams Integration

  1. 1. Create an Azure AD app App Registration ( and go into azure Active directory)
  2. 2. Scope to "Accounts in this organizational directory only"
  3. 3. Set "Redirect URL to "" depending on your region (us, au)
  4. 4. Go into API Permissions

Grant the following Microsoft Graph Delegated Permissions

  • Presence.Read
  • Presence.Read.All
  • Presence.ReadWrite

Then grant these Application Permissions:

  • TeamsActivity.Send
  • Presence.ReadWrite.All

Make sure you grant admin consent to all of these.

  1. 5. Next, go generate a client secret (At Certificates & Secrets):

Copy the value of it and keep it safe. It will disappear once you navigate off the page.

  1. 6. Once you've done all that, you can request the manifest file from

You'll need to unzip it, and in manifest.json change 


this should be your Application (client) ID (available for your customizable app) under overview and the oauth attribute from step 1.

And also

   "staticTabs": [        
"entityId": "queue",          
"name": "Queue",          
"contentUrl": "",          
"websiteUrl": "",          
"scopes": [ "personal"]      


to point to your org.

Rezip this as a zip file and install it as a custom application on

  1. Navigate to and install the app for your user.

  2. Set up a teams integration in engage

Your params should be:

Client ID: The Application (client) ID off the azure AD app Tenant ID: the Directory (tenant) ID off of the azure AD app. Client Secret: The secret you saved in a previous step Teams app URL: Get your Teams APP ID from your teams admin panel. (App ID **NOT** the external one). Plug it into this URL:{YOUR_APP_ID_HERE}/sections/queue

(Talkative Admins must perform this step)