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Zendesk integration

How to integrate Talkative video chat and chatbot with Zendesk


  1. Go to your organisation's Admin Center (https://your-organisation.zendesk.com/admin/home) and under ‘Apps and integrations’, click ‘Zendesk Support apps’

2. Click “Upload private app”

3. Name the app what you like, for example “Talkative Engage”. For the App File, browse to and upload the zipped folder you have been sent

4. Click Upload, and then click Upload again on the following warning screen

5. On the next screen, you’ll be able to restrict the Talkative app using role/group restrictions if required

6. Click install

Next, you’ll need to generate an API token to authenticate Talkative with your Zendesk organisation.

7. Still in the Zendesk Admin Center, under ‘Apps and integrations’, navigate to ‘Zendesk API’

8. Click ‘Add API token’
9. Follow the steps and make sure to save your API token

You’re all set on the Zendesk side!


  1. From the Talkative sidebar, click on ‘Settings’, then ‘General’
  2. Under ‘Routing System’, click ‘Add Routing System’

3. On the next screen, select Zendesk
4. Complete the form, using your Zendesk administrator email address, and the API token you generated in the previous steps
5. Click ‘Create Zendesk Integration’

Your integration with Talkative is now complete!


  • You can now take advantage of the various customisation and integration options that Talkative offers and receive interactions within your Zendesk environment
  • Talkative will generate a new Zendesk ticket for each inbound interaction

  • You can interact with your customer via the Talkative app in the right hand sidebar

  • You can add notes, and communicate with the customer via the Zendesk ticket as you normally would
  • When the Talkative interaction ends, the Zendesk ticket will be marked as pending, so the agent can either mark the ticket as solved or keep it open
  • If you have configured Talkative to send ‘name’ and ‘email’ as interaction data items, these will be set in Zendesk as the requester’s details, allowing you to keep track of customers’ existing tickets