The Talkative Engage platform allows you to send all interaction data to Azure Service Bus (ASB) to be imported into other CRMs such as Microsoft Dynamics and Zen Desk.

You can access your CRM integrations from the "Company Manager" page located in the Settings Submenu. Once here, select the ASB from the list of available integrations. 

The ASB integration is simple to set up, with only a few details being required:

Typically, and organisation will only have one integration setup, which will feed into ASB and then, the records would be organised and imported into the CRM of their choice.

This can be setup for all or just some queues. Simply select the required queues from the list and only the interactions belonging to these queues will be sent to your ASB.

In addition to selecting the queues, you may also select additional data you would like sent to ASB. These additional fields are not compulsory, however, they may contain important data you would like to retain in your own CRM. You can choose all or some of these models.

This will include all messages sent during the interaction. This is only populated if the interaction was a chat interaction. For Video and Voice interactions, this model will be empty.
Interaction Data
This will include any interaction data collected during the interaction. This data might have been collected in the pre-chat form, or populated by the agents. The data included can be further filtered by entering a comma separated list in the Required Interaction Data field.
If setup in your system, ended interaction can be tagged to help categorise them. This data can be useful in a CRM to correctly sort it. If selected, any tags assigned to an interaction will be included as part of the data transfer.
The basic interaction that is sent always contains a queue ID, however, selecting this option will provide extended details about the queue, including its name.

Once setup, the interaction data will be sent to ASB approximately 10 minutes after an interaction has ended. 

Please note, the 10-minute countdown starts as soon as the interaction ends. If an agent was to tag an interaction after this time, the interaction would not be resent to ASB, therefore the interaction sent to ASB will be missing the applied tags.