By default, when searching with the API, only the most basic of interaction data is included, however, you can request related interaction data including messages and tags by passing a comma separated list to the request using the "include" query parameter. This also works when loading a single interaction.


Passing these relations to the request will load the relations and return that data too. These are a list of available relations which can be included:

Including the user relation will return the user Model, which includes their personal details as well as their last login date.
Including the customer relation will include the customer information, this is limited information that we hold, but includes their unique identifier in our system and their current online status.
Including the interaction data relation will include any interaction data obtained in the pre-chat data collection or during the interaction.
Including the tags' relation will include any tags given to an interaction after the interaction has ended. Interactions are only tagged if you have set up tags for queues in the system.
Including the feedback relation will include any feedback left for the interaction, including the postive/negative rating and any customer comments
Including the device spec relation will include any device specification data we have included, this data includes the country, location, operating system, browser, their device capabilities, such as camera, microphone and speaker and also their IP address.
Including the messages relation will include all messages sent within the interaction. Both customer and agent messages will be available.
Including the queue relation will include details about the final queue this interaction was in.
Including the journey pages will show a list of the pages the customer visited during their interaction with an agent. Please note, we do not track customer activity after the end of an interaction.