The Generic integration allows you to set up a system whereby we post interaction data to a chosen endpoint after the interaction has finished. The webhook type event is dispatched 10 minutes after the interaction has ended.

The CRM Integrations can be accessed from your company manager:

If you have not got any CRM integrations setup, click "Add CRM Integration" - if you already have an integration setup, this will read as "Manage CRM Integrations"

This page will list your current CRM integrations and give you the option to add a new one.

Choose the "Talkative CRM". 

The Insightly CRM Integration has been deprecated and will soon be removed. Please do not set up a new integration using this.

Endpoint URL
This is the URL which we will post your data too. For example, it could be - please note, the URL must be secured using an HTTPS connection. We will validate this URL works upon submission of the form. If we cannot connect to this endpoint, then the form will fail.
JSON Headers
You can pass any number of headers back to your server, these headers might be custom headers to indicate the integration type, or could be authorization headers to validate the connection for security reasons. If you have none, simply enter an empty object {}.
Select the queues for which you want interactions sent. You can choose one, or all. You might have separate endpoints or separate systems to handle interactions from different queues, like, sales vs support. So if you wish, you can add multiple Generic CRMs and map the queues accordingly.
Data to Export
By default, you will receive our interaction object. The data in this model is limited to things like start time, end time and the used features. If you wish to include additional information like interaction data, and messages, you can choose them from this list. (More information is being added to this endpoint soon, including customer journey information and device spec information)
Required Interaction Data
This field allows you to filter what data you actually want our system to send. Say for example you had a pre-chat data collection form, which had optional fields, such as email, but you only require the data if the email was provided, then you could specify the data key here. Leaving this blank will send all the information, and you can filter is appropriately on the receiving end.

Once you have completed the form, click Setup CRM Integration. Now this is complete, you will start receiving data to your endpoint approximately 10 minutes after an interaction has ended.