If you wish to retrieve your interaction data using Zapier, you can do so by using our Zapier integration. 

Our Zapier App is currently pending approval from the Zapier team. These notes are a pre-release version and are subject to change.

The Zapier integration works by polling our JSON API to retrieve interaction data. You must first create an API Token to access the API. You can do this by logging into Engage and accessing the API Keys section (https://eu.engage.app/tokens)

API Keys can only be created by account holders. You may wish to create a user whose purpose is to generate API keys rather than having them tied to a specific user.

Once you have clicked create token, your token will be presented to you. Please note, this token will only be shown once, and cannot be recovered, so copy this somewhere safe.

This API Key will be used when creating a connection to the integration in zapier:

Please enter the token and also select the appropriate region. If you are unsure of the region you are in, check the URL which you are accessing Engage from. The first two characters will identify the region.