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Configure AI insights reports in your analytics

Talkative allows AI-generated interaction insight reports. AI insight reports will:

  • Outline the top 10 issues raised by customers in the last month/week (depending on configured report frequency).
  • Provide links to a representative interaction for each issue.
  • Offer suggestions around issues that could be automated with chatbots.


  • Have at least 10 chat interactions in the given time period.
  • Be on Business or Enterprise tier.

How to enable

Go to Settings (as an Account Holder) and search for AI Insight Reports Configuration.

Enable the config and enter in your target email addresses. 

That's it!

Report generation
Reports can be generated on a Monday (for weekly reports) and the first day of the month (for monthly reports).

The data used for generating reports has a maximum limit of 300k characters. Interactions are picked at random to fill up the generation input until all the interactions from the time period are used or the character limit is reached. Randomising the interactions ensures a good spread of issues over a time period.

Banner images
Banner images are generated using OpenAI's Dall-E API endpoint.

Report accessibility
Currently, reports can be accessed in Talkative via a button in the top corner of the Analytics page. An email can be sent to multiple recipients with a link to the report that can be viewed by any unauthenticated user. 

The report show page is accessible to anyone who has the link. It utilises a UUID instead of an ID so report URLs can't be guessed, providing security via obscurity.
Linked interactions
Reports have links to related interaction logs.


  • Reports with insufficient data (less than 10 interactions) don't trigger email notifications.
  • By default, this feature is disabled for existing customers and enabled for new customers. It's licensed only for Business and Enterprise tiers.
  • Only interaction transcripts are sent to OpenAI, not metadata. If you are not allowed to share transcripts with OpenAI, please do not enable this feature. 
  • Only transcripts within the interaction expiry time are available for use, so if your expiry time is set to say 2 days, this report will have limited use. 

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