Post-Chat CSAT Feedback Surveys & Reporting

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How to offer and report on custom post-chat customer feedback options

Talkative allows you to collect feedback during and after interactions.

All feedback options are managed within Chat Widgets (menu item). You must be an Account Holder to edit and publish changes to your chat widgets. More info on the widget editor here

Mid-interaction feedback collection

You can offer thumbs up/down within an active session.

You can further manage when thumbs up/down displays using the Feedback section of the widget editor:

You can choose to limit feedback to not show if:

• the customer is with a chatbot

• the customer is queueing

• a certain amount of time has not elapsed (User Feedback Delay)


Post-interaction feedback collection

When the session ends, by default a thumbs up/down is offered to the customer.

You can also choose instead to offer your own feedback survey.

To do this, first ensure your widget is on version 0.36 or higher.

Second, build out your feedback survey using the Data Collection part of the widget editor.

We'd advise creating a new form in which you can build out your post-chat survey:

You can then go back to the Feedback section of the widget editor and select your new form from the Feedback Form dropdown:


Example - Custom Feedback Form

Here we have created a new custom Data Collection form called Feedback with two fields for collecting the agent rating and the company rating.

Please note the interaction data name. This will be used to create reports for the custom feedback.

Company rating:

Agent rating:

Reporting - Custom Feedback

Please note your interaction data name in the custom feedback form.

As an Account Holder, go to Analytics and create a new custom report.

Under "Group By", select interaction data and enter your interaction data name.

Reporting - Custom Feedback - Example

Following the example above with the feedback form for agentRating and companyRating, enter a value into the

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