Setting up the Azure Blob Storage Integration

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Talkative supports sending interaction data to Azure Blob Storage as a JSON file containing the interaction data.

To add an integration, navigate to the company page in your account and then click "Add CRM Integration" (this will be displayed as "Manage CRM Integration" if you have already setup another CRM integration.

Then click "Add CRM Integration" from the top right hand corner:

Select the Azure Blob logo from the list of available integrations:

Now you will need to complete the form to setup your Azure Blob integration using your Azure Blob credentials:

The directory field can be left blank, which will place the interactions in the top level of the container. If this directory does not exist, it will be created automatically when we send the first interaction to the blob storage.

Next, select queues which you want this CRM integration to apply too. Any interaction in the selected queue will be forwarded to the blob storage. If you want different queues to go to different sections of the blob storage, you may create multiple integrations with different configurations to suit your needs.

Select the Data to Export. By default, only the base interaction is sent, which contains limited information about the interaction. You may choose to include other related data, including interaction data, messages and customer journey information.

If you require some specific interaction data to be present for this interaction to be sent to Azure Blob, you can define the interaction data keys as a comma separated list in the last field. 

Interactions are sent approximately 10 minutes after the interaction has been ended in the system. This delay provides time for agents to tag interactions appropriately and any system jobs to be completed.

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