Mass Outbound SMS

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How to send multiple outbound SMS messages


Mass Outbound SMS is only available as a paid bolt-on to Business and Enterprise plans. 

First, you will need an SMS number provisioned to your Talkative environment. Talkative will deliver this for you as part of the SMS bolt-on ugrade process. 

How to use mass outbound SMS

1. Search for mass outbound SMS in the settings menu, or navigate to /mass-outbound-sms/create

2. Select a number and go to the next step

3. You will be prompted to upload a CSV. You can download the template to modify it. It does not matter what the title of the .csv file is, however you must retain the correct name of the column headings.

At the time of writing, you can only send up to 250 messages in one go.

Messages must be maximum 320 characters.

It does not matter how you format the phone numbers, the uploader will format them correctly for you. E.g. +44-7842(8577-00) and 447842857700 are both acceptable.

Invalid numbers will be detected and will be highlighted as such.

4. Once your upload is complete, press continue

5. Finally, you can send the messages, once you acknowledge that you have consent from your users/customers to send the messages.



Q: How many customers can I send outbound SMS in one go

A: Currently this feature is limited to 250 messages in one go. If you require higher number of messages please contact Talkative as we continue to develop this feature 


Q: What reporting is available?

A: Currently this feature has no reporting available. Mass outbound SMS interactions are not classified as regular Talkative "interactions". Reporting on specific outbound SMS campaigns is available on request, please contact Talkative support to get the report. Based on demand Talkative will add reporting to this feature in the future.


Q: What if customers respond?

A: If you are using the same SMS number for your mass outbound SMS campaign as you are for your inbound SMS, any customer responses will be treated as normal inbound Talkative interactions.


Q: What future plans are there for this feature?

A:  This feature was developed for a few Talkative clients that wished to use mass outbound SMS on a periodic basis. Further enhancements will be based on how our clients wish to use the feature. 

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