MiCC Agent Training

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Note: Talkative recommends that agents use Google Chrome browser.

Each day you will need to access:

You need to ensure you are available in the queue for interactions.

Your initial login details will be emailed to you. Upon first login, please change your password to a secure password of your choosing. Talkative recommends that your password complies with your company's password policy.

Accepting Chats

When a chat is routed to you, you will be prompted to "accept" the interaction.

To accept a chat, simply click on the customer request.

You and the customer are able to send messages back and forth. 

To save time typing out common messages, you are able to use 'pre-canned' chat messages. In order to type a canned message, type ## to bring up a preview of all the available canned messages.

You can then use the arrow keys to cycle through the options or use a mouse and scroll wheel. You can also type out the first few letters of the canned message shortcut to narrow down available options.

To select a canned message either click it or hit enter/tab if using the arrow keys. This will then paste that message into the chat box allowing you to press enter again/click send to send the message.

By clicking on the "Information" tab, you can see the customer's details and their journey through your website!


Talkative enables three layers of cobrowsing:

  1. Customer page view. This allows you to see the page the customer is currently on. This is simply toggled on and off by clicking the pageview button.
  2. Page push. This allows you to direct the customer to a different URL by inputting it into page push field. This sends a request to the customer, who has to accept before they are sent to the new page.
  3. Cobrowsing. Cobrowsing allows you to join the customer in their browsing session and direct them to new pages. This is enabled by pressing the cobrowse button, which sends a request to the customer, who has to accept.

For details on how to best use cobrowsing, please see the Talkative Cobrowsing Guide.

Handling Multiple Chats

Within Web Ignite, to handle a second interaction, simply "accept" the interaction in the same way you did for the first chat interaction.

This will bring up the second chat interaction. You can either have these interactions side by side, or toggle between them. You can choose your view by toggling the button in the top right corner of the console.  

Transfer Chats

To transfer interactions, use the in-built Ignite functionality to select an agent or queue to transfer the interaction to.

Ending Chats

The customer can end the chat session at any time. If the customer ends the interaction, you will be presented with the wrap up screen.

If you feel it is time to end a chat, you can do so by simply pressing the 'End Interaction' button. This is the red X button in the top right-hand corner.

When ending the interaction, you must first apply "outcome tags".

If you would like to organise a formal training session, or if you think there's something this guide doesn't cover, please contact us!

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