Video Chat Virtual Backgrounds and Blurring

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This feature is available for customers using Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or any other Chromium browsers. 

This feature can only be enabled or disabled by Talkative account holders.

There are two main ways in which agents can use virtual backgrounds: 

1. Background Blurring - which presents a gently distorted image of the settings behind the agent, providing agent/contact center privacy. 

2. Virtual Backgrounds - which broadcasts a virtual backdrop behind agents, providing greater privacy as well as on-brand experience. 

Configuring virtual backgrounds

Navigate to the Settings section in the Talkative sidebar and then select General. Then select Company Configs. Under Channel Management, click on Video Auto Start Options:

Screenshot 2023-10-18 at 14.28.32


To set a virtual background for your agents, you can either: 

  • Upload an image directly, or, 

  • Enter a URL for the image.

Note: Whichever upload method you choose, all images should be either JPEG or PNG. Transparency is supported. Please see FAQs for more information.

To make sure the image always appears for all video interactions, set the Video Effects section to Enabled. 

Finally, don’t forget to click Submit to finish setting up your background image. 

Now, whichever upload method you chose, when your agents next enter a video chat call, they will see a virtual background behind their image! 

Here’s an example outcome below. 


Can I use queue-specific virtual backgrounds?

Yes, see this guide: Adding a virtual background to different queues

What file type should I use for a virtual background? 

Only JPEG and PNG images (transparency is now supported). 

What file size should I use for a virtual background?

Image file size can vary, but for best results, aim to use an image that’s roughly 50KB in size. 

What dimensions should I use for a virtual background?

Image dimensions can vary, but for best results, use an image with ‪1,920 x 1,080‬ dimensions. 

Where can I host my virtual background image if I don’t want to upload an image? 

For best results, please use the upload button provided. 

However, the virtual background feature does allow users to use a URL from an image hosting site or a specific image URL. 

To achieve this, make sure the hosted image location has CORS restrictions disabled. 

For more assistance, contact your Talkative Account Manager!

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