Creating and Editing Agent Statuses

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Agents can choose their status to show supervisors their current workload capability, activity, or location - this is achieved through the Interaction Queue Console, where agents can choose their status. E.g. ‘Available’, ‘Offline’, ‘Unavailable’, etc. This action is briefly covered in the first part of this guide. 

Supervisors or admin users can create and edit agent status dropdown options for their agents to choose from - this is achieved through the Routing Config Editor, where supervisors can edit agent statuses ready for the team to select from. This action is covered in depth further below. 

Logging in and selecting agent status 

Once an agent has logged in, they can select their agent status by first navigating to the Console area of the Talkative sidebar. 

Note: Salesforce users can complete the following steps inside Salesforce. 

The Interaction Queue screen will then appear. In the top left corner of the screen, you’ll find the agent status section.


By default, agent status is set to ‘Available’ when signing in. In this mode, you are able to accept interactions from a queue. 

To change your status, click the dropdown arrow, and choose from the range of preset statuses available. 

Remember: If you choose an option that has availability toggled off, you will not be able to respond to queue interactions. 

Creating custom agent statuses within Talkative’s Supervisor Dashboard. 

To create custom statuses for your agents to choose from, login to Talkative and navigate to the Settings panel on the left sidebar. 


From there, select the General heading in the dropdown menu. 


Next, you’ll find yourself on the Company Manager page. 


Scroll down to select the Routing System window. 


Note: This section may be lower on the page than your screen display allows. It can be found beside the ‘Call Me’ section and beneath the large ‘Organization’ section seen above. 


Once you’ve located the Routing System, select the blue edit icon besides your organization name. You will then enter the Routing Config Editor, as seen below.


It is in this area in which you can edit and update statuses for your agents to choose from. 


Three statuses come as standard: ‘Offline’, ‘Available’, and ‘Unavailable.’ 


To add your own status, click the ‘Add a status’ button and fill in the text field that appears. An example is shown below. 


If you’re creating this status for users that are away from their desk - and therefore unavailable - do not check the ‘Available’ tickbox beside the status name. 


This way, if an agent selects your new status, they will appear unavailable in the Supervisor Dashboard, albeit with the appropriate tag that explains their location.


If you want to give your agents a new status which they can use while logged in and available for interactions, simply check the ‘Available’ tickbox.


Remember: Once you are finished setting up your new statuses, navigate to the bottom of the page and select the blue ‘Update Config’ button. 



This will save your progress. You can then navigate to the Supervisor Dashboard section in the left sidebar. 



From here, you can view all agent statuses and queues in one location. 


These statistics can be viewed per channel too, giving you a strong overview of all agent activity. See below for an example.



Remember: If your new statuses fail to appear within Talkative after creating a new status, you may need to refresh your browser, or double-check whether you updated your config in the earlier steps. 


For any more assistance, please contact your Talkative Account Manager.

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