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How much Generative AI can I use? How is it calculated?

Last updated: 14th March 2024


Talkative uses AI Tokens to licence the consumption of AI that you use in the Talkative platform.

An AI Token is used each time that the system sends a "look up" to open AI. This is used in:

• generative responses from Talkative Chatbot

• AI Agent Assist.

Each organisation has 50 tokens per month free of charge.

You are able to buy more tokens from Talkative in bundles, please contact us for pricing.


Q: What is a token?

A: Tokens are required each time Talkative gets a response from the AI (a lookup). The number of tokens required depends on the GPT model you use:

AI Tokens

AI Model Used





For example, if you are using GPT3.5 and the customer asks a question of your Talkative chatbot where an AI lookup is required, this will use 1 token. Tokens are required both for chatbot interactions and agent assist interactions.

Q: Why use tokens?

A:  A token is used to give flexibility as new models are introduced over time, and is the closest way of passing the underlying cost over to you.


Q: What if I hit my token limit

A: Your system will still work. However, Agent Assist will no longer show suggestions. And any AI lookups in your chatbot will go down the "Data not found" path.


Q: I'm only a little bit over my limit

A: Please contact us if you require a small (<5%) overage for a particular month.


Q: Where can I see my token usage?

A: In an upcoming release (later in March 2024) you will be able to see your usage within Talkative as an Account Holder.


Q: Do tokens rollover each month?

A: No, a token limit is reset at the start of each calendar month.


Q: Can I buy more tokens each month?

A: Yes you can buy more token bundles at any point.


Q: What tier do I need to be on?

A: You need to be on Business or Enterprise to be able to use AI Tokens.

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