Video Chat Recording

How to record video chat sessions? Where are files stored? How large are the files?

Talkative allows recording of video chat sessions. Both the video streams, voice streams, and screenshare streams are recorded.


How to enable video chat recording?

You must be an Account Holder.

Go to Settings -> General -> Company Configs -> Channel Management -> Video Recordings

Screenshot 2022-11-09 at 12.03.03

Agent Controls Enabled will allow agents to pause/resume video recordings. This may be useful for dealing with sensitive information such as taking credit card information from customers.

By default, video recordings will stay in the system forever. You can override this setting here. Video files are irrecoverably deleted after the time period set in this dropdown (shown above).

How to use video chat recording?

Video recordings will work automatically.

If you have Agent Controls Enabled, agents will have the option to pause/resume video recording if they click on the video dropdown toggle in the agent console:

Screenshot 2022-11-09 at 12.07.44

How to view video chat recordings?

Once the interaction has ended, the file processing begins. This can take up to 2 hours. After the recording has finished processing, it is viewable on the interaction log page. Here you can view and download the video recording file.

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Where are video chat files stored?

Video recordings are stored by default in the Talkative regional AWS instance you are using, e.g. USA, UK, or Australia.

How large are the files?

Video chat recordings are mp4 format and are typically 3MB/minute although this can vary depending on the resolution of the customer/agent video feed, and whether video is 2-way, 1-way, or just voice.

How to transfer video chat files to my own storage system?

You can transfer video recordings to your own S3 or Azure.

As an Account Holder, go to Settings -> General -> External Storage Integration

Here you can add your own storage endpoint details, and select video recordings.

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