AI Interaction Summaries

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OpenAI Interaction Summaries for chat and video

The Interaction Summaries feature allows you to automatically summarise interactions in the Talkative system.

Summaries apply to both web chat and video chat transcripts.

How to enable

AI summaries feature is disabled by default.

To enable, you must be an Account Holder, then:

• navigate to Settings > General

• navigate to Company Configs

• go to Supervisor Controls > Interaction Summary Configuration

• update and press Submit

Where to view

Summaries will only apply to interactions created after enabling the above configuration.

1. Summaries are visible on the Interaction Logs overview page:

You can hover over the summary to get a tool tip of the full summary.

2. Summaries are visible on the interaction log page, accessed by clicking into the ref#

Summaries for chat transcripts are near instant, however video transcript summaries can take longer, since they need the transcription to finish first. Please note you must have video transcription enabled for video summaries to work.

How does it work?

After the interaction has finished, the Talkative system sends the transcript to OpenAI's Summary API. The API returns a summary, which is displayed within Talkative. The Summary API is confirmed by OpenAI such that the transcript i) is only retained for up to 30 days and ii) that data is not used to train their model. 


You can toggle the summary to be in the form of a haiku. Just for a bit of fun.


Currently (July 2023) the AI summary feature is being included for no additional cost in all Talkative subscriptions. In future it may be limited to certain subscription levels.

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