Scheduling interactions via Calendly

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Before starting this guide, you'll need:
- A Calendly account with the Professional plan or above (your plan needs to support custom integrations with Webhooks)
- Admin access to that account (if this is a personal account, you will be an administrator by default, if this is a team account, you will need to be added as an administrator by another team member)


Creating a new event type.

You'll need to create a new event type in Calendly. This is the event that you will be scheduling with your users. You can create a new event type by going to the Calendly dashboard and clicking on the "New Event Type" button. You can also use an existing event type if you already have one that you want to use. Keep in mind that all scheduled events you create in that will create a scheduled interaction in talkative.

Configuring your Calendly event type

You'll need to send an invitation email to your users when they schedule an event with you, so they can access the Talkative interface. To do this, you'll need to add the Talkative link to your event invitation. To do this, go to the Calendly dashboard and click on the "Settings" button next to the event type from last step. In the settings page, scroll down to the "Notifications and Cancellation policy" section and click on the "Edit" button. Choose the invitation type you use, and click the "Customize" button. You'll need to add the following snippet to the email body:

<a href="{{invitee_uuid}}">Access your call by clicking here</a>


By subbing eu with your Talkative region. You can customize the text to your liking.

Press save and continue.

You'll also need to disable allowing invitees to add additional guests.

To do this, click on Additional options, and click on add guests, then disable "Allow invitees to add additional guests" and press save.

Getting a bearer token

You'll need to get a bearer token from Calendly to be able to configure Talkative. Make sure you are loggeed in as an administrator in Calendly.

To get a bearer token, go to the Calendly dashboard and click on the "Integrations" button. Click on API and Connectors, then click on "API and webhooks". Click generate a new token, and copy the token. Keep this token safe, we will need it for the next step.

Configuring Talkative

Enabling scheduled interactions

To enable scheduled interactions, go to the "General" Page in settings, click on Manage Company Configs, Channel Management, and choose a widget for Scheduled Interactions.

Press save.

Configuring the Calendly integration

Navigate to the "General Page", click on "Calendly Integrations" and click Create.

Fill in your bearer token and press on the sync button.

You'll see a list of your event types. Select the event type we configured previously.

You'll also need to select your talkative queue. This is the queue that will be used to create the scheduled interactions.

Press save.

You should now be able to schedule interactions via the calendly event type.

Rescheduling and cancelling

Talkative supports Calendly's reschedule and cancel functionality, this will update the interaction in Talkative.

A demo of Scheduled Interactions can be found here. 

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