Enhanced Ignite Notifications Browser Plugin

Created by Seb Coulthread, Modified on Thu, 16 May 2024 at 08:22 PM by Andrew Arscott

The browser plugin developed by Talkative enhances the notifications you receive for Open Media interactions queued for a particular user. The plugin remains active in the browser and will poll the ignite server at set intervals looking for any interactions.

This plugin works even when the ignite client is closed, but the user is logged in, providing an audible alert and additional a push notification with a link to the interaction.

At the time of writing, this plugin is in BETA and must be side loaded into the browser by activating developer mode and loading the unpacked contents of the package. The Talkative Team will look to release this in the respective browser stores after the package leaves beta development. Please contact your Talkative representative for a copy of the most recent files for this plugin. The plugin is compatible with both Google Chrome & Microsoft Edge Browsers.

Upon installing this plugin, you will be prompted to log in to your ignite server. Here you will need to specify the server address, your username and password.

The ignite server will be the ignite server address would be the normal server address you'd navigate to, without any suffixes. This package is communicating with the MiCC SDK rather than Ignite directly. An example would be if you navigated to https://myigniteserver.com/ignite - you'd need only enter https://myigniteserver.com into the server address field. Then, enter your usual username and password. Finally, one this has been done, click "Login".

This form will generate an access token, which the plugin will then use to communicate with the API to check for queued interactions. The access token and login details are all stored locally on your computer, and not transmitted to any of our servers.

If you are using a shared device, you should ensure you log out of the plugin when you leave your desk. If you do not, the next user using the machine will receive notifications about your queued interactions and not their own.

Entering invalid credentials, will trigger a login error message. If this persists, and you are confident your credentials are correct, please reach out to Talkative Support for assistance resolving the issue.

Once you have logged in, the plugin will automatically begin to poll the Ignite API looking for new interactions queued for your Ignite User.

From this screen, which is the default screen which will load when you activate the plugin. From here, you will be able to see which server you are logged into and who you are logged in as. (This has been omitted from our screenshot) Clicking the red "Logout" button will clear the stored credentials, stop any notifications and return you to the login screen.

In addition to this information, the current expiry time of your stored token will be shown. This should refresh automatically as it comes close to it's expiry time. If it does not, pressing the yellow "Refresh Access Token" will manually force a new token to be generated.


There are currently 4 options available to configure.

Enable Notifications

This option allows you to enable and disable notifications. This is a setting which when disabled will prevent all notifications, audible and push, this is essentially turning the plugin off without logging out.

Custom Sound Notification

By default, the plugin will use the new interaction alert sound from our Engage application. If you wish to use a different notification sound, you may enter a URL to an audio file here. Please note, this file should be accessible on the web and in a format which your browser can play natively. Additionally, the sound notification should have a length shorter than the polling interval. If you choose one longer than the polling interval, the audible alerts will begin to overlap, with no way to stop the audio.

Send Push Notifications

The plugin will notify the user via a push notification, in addition to its audible alerts. As Ignite natively provides push notifications, you may wish to disable this option, however, in our testing ignite push notifications do not appear to get fired if the ignite client is closed.

If enabled, we will send a push notification only if the plugin cannot detect the ignite client is open. If this is the case, a push notification will be sent which will include a button which, when clicked, will load the ignite client and open the incoming, and most recent interaction queued on the agent.

When the ignite client is open, the plugin will not send any additional push alerts, as the ignite client will already do this.

Polling Interval

This system works by making regular requests to the Ignite API to check to see if the user has any interactions which are queued - if it does, it then triggers audible alerts. The default interval for this request is 5 seconds. If you wish to change this value, you can by adjusting it in the form. The minimum interval is 3 seconds. We believe 5 seconds is the most suitable interval, but you are free to experiment with this.

When you have changed all the settings, you may click "Save Settings" to persist these settings. You may need to restart your browser for the settings to take full effect. Additionally, you may restore the default settings by clicking the "Reset to Defaults" button.

FAQ & Troubleshooting

Below are some answers to common problems and questions.

I do not get any audible sounds or push notifications.If you have an older version of the plugin installed, the token may not be regenerating automatically. Log out of the plugin and log back in to regenerate a token. If this works, please ask your system administrator to update your plugin to the latest version.
Does this work for all interaction types.Currently we filter out all interaction types other than OpenMedia interactions. If you have a use case for other interaction types, please reach out to support to make a feature request.
Does this work on shared machines?
If you are using a shared machine, you must ensure you log out of the plugin when you are complete. This plugin is independent from the browser version of Ignite and will continue to run in the browser as long as the extension is installed, even if you close your ignite tab. The user using the machine should login to the plugin for the duration of their shift.
Is a secure connection to ignite required?Whilst not technically required, it is recommended for the best and most consistent experience. We cannot provide support for issues when a non secure connection is being used.

To see this plugin in action, please watch Steve Williams demonstrate it in this loom video: https://www.loom.com/share/e07ebca599a24274a3ffa5d878dc23e7?sid=1d95bf4e-1660-48af-a909-1bb55ad0ec35

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