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GenAI agent assist for chat agents - get suggested responses based on your pre-approved knowledgebase

Talkative's Copilot Assist feature gives agents generative AI suggestions to agents based on the customer's messages.


• AI Knowledgebase Licence - please contact Talkative to enable this on your account

Set Up

First, please set up an AI Knowledgebase. You can do that by following section 2 of this guide:

Talkative GenAI Chatbot - AI Knowledgebases

Once your AI Knowledgebase is created, go to Settings and search for Copilot Configs:

Click Create Copilot Config.

Within each config, you select which queues the AI Knowledgebase should apply to. Do not map a chatbot queue to the model.

You can have multiple models, useful for if you are serving multiple brands from a single Talkative account.

You can only map 1 Knowledgebase per queue.



You can choose to enable each of the three features independently: 

1. AI message auto complete

When enabled, AI suggests messages to the agent based on what they have already written.

Individual users can disable this feature by going to User Profile > User Configs > Disable:

2. Navi, the AI Assistant
When enabled, this internal-facing chatbot will be available to agents to answer questions based on the interaction and the knowledge base. Navi also leverages more general knowledge available to the model.
3. AI message suggestions
When enabled, the agent will receive suggestions based on the question the customer has asked.

When you accept interactions in the console, you will be given a message suggestion based on your knowledgebase:

The suggestion will take into account the entire transcript/conversation.

If no appropriate response is returned from the model, the agent will not receive a suggestion.

Canned messages will appear below the AI answer once you start typing:


Only the message transcript is sent to OpenAI, pre-chat form data and other interaction metadata is not used. OpenAI does not store any messages or responses. Please familiarise yourself with OpenAI's privacy policies before using the system.

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